Do You Really Think That Automatic Car Wash Will Damage Your Car?


People like their ride looking clean and well pampered. A car that is clean and looking well maintained will fetch you 10-20% more when you want to resell than one that looks dirty and neglected. To save money,the DIY mentality has got some people washing their own cars sometimes with undesirable results. Those who prefer doing the car wash themselves should be careful not to wash the car in sunlight that is direct,should research about and use the right detergent,and should ensure that they have and use enough water when doing the job. But then some people such as highly paid professionals who earn by the hour may not consider it worthwhile to spend their limited time washing a car while an automatic machine will do it much faster and do a superior job. You may want to ask how many times per month a car should be washed. It all depends upon how frequently the car is used and gets dirty as a result. A car that is used once in a week and mostly stays in the garage will require less washing than a car that belongs to a traveling salesman who may drive their car for hours upon dusty country roads. Read more great facts on car wash machine, click here.

So now you want to give your car a treat from an automatic car wash? You need to think of the things below whenever you want to visit an automatic cash wash.
Ensure to only use automatic wash services that do not use brushes to clean your car as this might cause scratches on your car.

In a busy moment when the attendants at an automatic cash wash,be on the lookout and politely stop them from wiping away on your car using less than spotlessly clean and soft rags as sharp edged dirt on such rags may cause unwanted scratches on your car.

If your car is relatively new,you may not really need that expensive rust proofing suggested by the attendants. Your car may greatly benefit from an undercarriage wash that not only removes accumulated crud but also leaves all the drain holes clean and open.

Good automatic machine car wash owners will usually use heavy-duty cleaners on your tires and wheels to clean out all the dirt which might be quite a chore if you chose to do it yourself.
You may want to buy automatic car wash equipment especially if you intend to start your own car wash business;all you need to do is shop around town or online to find dealers who get their supplies from car wash equipment manufacturers who have a reputation for innovation and quality.


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